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Bee fish swish their tails as they look at sunflowers.

Test report gives positive feedback

A test regarding the accessibility of the Culture For All website has been performed. The report, detailed and precise, takes stand on the overall expression and accessibility of the site, listing points for and against good accessibility.

According to the report, the pages do not contain overloads of text or figures. A special thanks was given for the fact that even people using sign language have been considered, as the pages include a video clip with information in sign language.

The web browser used is indifferent, which increases accessibility. On the other hand, the activation of a link is expressed by underlining the link, and it would be helpful for partial sighted users if the activation were also shown by for instance bolding the font.

All in all, the site seems to be accessible, and as such hopefully can work as a good example for future sites and decisions concerning accessibility.


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