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The Cultural Welfare Pool has published their goals for the regional elections

Cultural well-being is part of the ongoing social and health care reform as part of promoting the well-being, health and inclusion of people of all ages. Regional councilors have influence in the use of culture's opportunities and research information in the prevention, treatment and coping with diseases and health problems.

The Cultural Welfare Pool has published four goals for the regional elections:

1. Hiring trained cultural welfare professionals for the overall social and health benefits of clients and staff.

2. Reducing well-being and health risk factors will ensure adequate resources and reduce inequalities in well-being and health.

3. New ideas in management and in customer and service guidance create a new culture of doing things. The availability of services improves.

4. Art as part of social and health care sector's buildings creates comfortable and recovery-friendly environments.

More information on The Cultural Welfare Pool's website.

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