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Program of the conference

Day One / Wednesday 8th February:
Challenging Nordic Exceptionalism

9.00–10.00 Registration & coffee

10.00–10.30 Welcome

Executive Director Rita Paqvalén (Culture for All Service), Curator Azmara Nigusse (Hallwylska museet) & Director Cátia Suomalainen Pedrosa (Cultural Centre Caisa) & Conference coordinator Ruka Toivonen (Culture for All Service)

10.30–11.20 Challenging Nordic Exceptionalism

Professor in Ethnic Relations Suvi Keskinen (University of Helsinki): Exceptionalism and white innocence in Nordic national self-images

Poet and theologian Helga West: No reconciliation without land: Somewhere between agency, green colonialism and trauma I found deeply rooted distrust

11.20–12.05 Challenging Nordic Exceptionalism: Panel Discussion

Panelists: chairman of STIL Jonas Franksson, Artistic and Managing Director Tang Fu Kuen (Bit Teatergarasjen), Senior advisor Geir Lindahl (Nordic Culture Point) & Artist, researcher and educator Sepideh Rahaa (Aalto University)

Moderator: Executive Director Rita Paqvalén (Culture for All)

12.05–13.10 Lunch break

13.10–13.40 Performance

Visual artist and poet Jessie Kleemann
Louise Lassen Iversen, curator

13.40–14.45  Presentation by Future leaders

Commentary speech: Kaura Raudaskoski

Moderator: Nikolai Klix, PhD researcher in philosophy

14.45–15.15 Coffee

15.15–16.15 Keynote speech

Curator, writer and independent scholar Kathy-Ann Tan: Strategies of Critical Diversity in the Arts and Cultures

Commentary speech by Founder and Artistic Director Ceyda Berk Söderblom (MiklagardArts)

Moderator: Anna Talasniemi, University of Jyväskylä

16.15–16.30 Wrapping up the day

17.00–19.00 Reception offered by the City of Helsinki

Day Two / Thursday 9th February:
Becoming a Changemaker

8.30–9.00 Registration in the entrance hall

9.00–9.10 Welcome

9.10–10.00 Being accountable: From strategy to practice

Anti-racist educator and trainer Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin: Towards accountability: Moving beyond performative gestures.

Director General Elina Anttila (National Museum of Finland): Decolonizing museum practices. Repatriating Sámi cultural heritage

10.00–10.45 Being accountable: Panel Discussion

Panelists: Professor in dance pedagogy Eeva Anttila (University of the Arts Helsinki), Senior Adviser Marianne Berger Marjanovic (Nordic Council of Ministers), writer and community organiser Orlan Ohtonen, Diversity expert Arlene Tucker

Moderator: Nicol Savinetti, PhD, Founder & Director of IMMART

10.45–11.15 Coffee

11.15–12.15 Keynote speech

Artistic Director Mindy Drapsa (Riksteatern Crea)

Commentary speech by Residency Director Leena Kela (Saari Residence / Kone Foundation)

Moderator: Executive Director Rita Paqvalén (Culture for All)

12.15–13.15 Lunch break

13.15–13.45 Artist to Artist Talk

dancer and performer Godwin Otieno (Globe Art Point) &
photographer Angélique Sanossian (IMMART):
On Practice, Positionality and Promise in the Nordic Region

Moderator: Anna Talasniemi, University of Jyväskylä

13.45–14.45  Keynote speech

Crip-femme-identified researcher, writer, and performance artist Christine Bylund: Ableism and the Arts

Commentary speech: H Ouramo

Moderator Executive Director Rita Paqvalén (Culture for All) & chairman of STIL Jonas Franksson

14.45–15.15 Coffee

15.15–17.00 Curating Change

15.15–15.45 Attempting the impossible - decolonial speculative practices

Discussion: public speaker, writer and artist Maryan Abdulkarim and choreographer and artistic director Sonya Lindfors

15.45–16.30 Methods of Changemaking: Panel Discussion

Panelists: Artist, researcher and educator Sepideh Rahaa, curator Azmara Nigusse & curator Louise Lassen Iversen

Moderator: Anna Talasniemi, University of Jyväskylä

16.30–17.00 Closing discussion: Norm Critical Leadership.

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