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Olesia Kova

Olesia Kova.

Areas of expertise and interest: Participatory art, contemporary theatre, analog photography, videography, youth activism, underground culture.

Contact information: olesia.kova@hotmail.com 

Working language: English

Olesia Kova is a cultural producer and an independent curator. In 2019 she moved to Helsinki and started working with the local art institutions. In Olesia’s portfolio you will find projects for Artsi Art Museum, Ateneum Art Museum, City of Espoo and City of Helsinki. These days Olesia works as an international producer at a contemporary ballet company and occasionally curates exhibitions for Helsinki galleries. 

“I’m an absolute art nerd. When I was 3 years old, my parents enrolled me to a visual art school where I learned some basic painting techniques. Later, at 5 I got into a music college where I studied violin, music theory and played in an orchestra.  It’s quite rare that producers working in the contemporary world have a background in the basics of arts. I’m happy that I got to study that as a child”.

Olesia was born and raised in Tatarstan and alone immigrated to Finland at the age of 17.  

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