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Kaikukortti influences - cultural well-being information to practical use (1/2022-10/2024)

The project Kaikukortti influences - cultural well-being information to practical use (1/2022 - 10/2024) focuses on the development of information-based leadership in the social, health and wellbeing services with the help of Kaikukortti card and Kaikukanta database.

The aim of the project Kaikukortti influences - cultural well-being information  is to consolidate the Kaikukortti database system, Kaikukanta, which serves municipalities and wellbeing services counties in the utilization of information related to cultural well-being, and as a tool for evaluation of leadership and management in the social, health and welfare sectors. Therefore, the database supports the interface between actors in municipalities and wellbeing services counties. The aim is to increase the engagement and agency of Kaikukortti users by developing new services, such as a well-being-meter and a search service for a cultural companionship. In addition, a digital Kaikukortti card will be developed alongside the physical Kaikukortti. The project uses co-design methods.

Contact information

The Kaikukortti team works part-time in the project:

Mira Haataja
senior specialist, development and finances
tel. 040 213 6339

Seppo Mallenius
senior specialist, ICT and development
tel. 040 554 4321

Marjo Oja-Kaukola
senior specialist, communication and development
tel. 040 541 9244 

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