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Sheung Yiu

Sheung Yu.

Areas of expertise: image-based visual artist, researcher and writer

Contact info: sheung.yiu.photo(a)gmail.com
Website: www.sheungyiu.com

Sheung Yiu is a Hong-Kong-born image-based artist and independent researcher based in Helsinki. His research interest concerns the increasing complexity and agency of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in contemporary digital culture. Investigating cultural ideas and technical apparatuses beyond the pictorial surface, he problematizes the representational understanding of photography. He seeks to expand its ontology by formulating the connections between photography theories and new forms of realism, object-oriented ontology, cybernetics, computational theory, and post-internet thinking. Engaging with artistic practice and multi-disciplinary collaboration as a mode of research, his works examine the production, aesthetics, poetics, and politics of CGI, such as computer vision, photogrammetry, remote sensing, and computer simulation.

Publications on Diversity Agents' Blog Series:
On the Need for Hard Diversity in Finland

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