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We will try to make the forum as accessible as possible.

Accessibility of preliminary workshops 2.11.

Accessibility information of every workshop is in the program. Please do not wear perfume!

The accessibility of Media Centre Lume and Sampo Hall, Seminar day 3.11.

Seminar day will be held on 3.11.2016 at Sampo Hall, Media Centre Lume, address: Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki.

Symbol for accessible parking Accessible parking spaces

There is one accessible parking space at Arabia Centre parking place, but it is too narrow (only 2700 mm). There is about 150 m distance between the parking space and the main entrance of Media Centre Lume.

There are several regular parking spaces in front of Media Centre Lume, but you can park there only for 2 hours.

International symbol of access Accessible entrance

The main entrance of Media Centre Lume (Hämeentie 135 C) is accessible. It is accessible to move inside media Centre Lume.

Accessible toilet

There is an accessible toilet at Media Centre Lume. The toilet is on the left hand side when you enter from main entrance. The toilet is in a lower floor, where you can access by using a stairlift. There is no puller on the door of the toilet. Next to the toilet seat, there is only 750 mm free space on the left hand side, and over 800 mm on the right hand side.

International symbol of access WC symbol wc symbol right


Symbol for induction loopInduction loop

There is an induction loop in the Sampo Hall. We can also arrange induction loop to 1-3 round table discussions if needed.

Places for wheelchair users

There are four places for wheelchair users in the upper level of the auditorium. Please go through the right hand side door to access these places. There are also accessible places in front of the auditorium at the same level as the stage. We can arrange the access for these places if needed.

Interpretation at the seminar day

Finnish-English interpretation

There is a simultaneous interpretation between Finnish and English. Please let us know if you would like to have interpretation, so we can estimate how many headphones we will need. We will also arrange consecutive interpretation between Finnish and English to 1-2 round table discussions if needed.

Symbol for Finnish Sign LanguageInterpretation to Finnish Sign Language

There is an interpretation to Finnish Sign Language. We also arrange intepretation to Finnish Sign Language to one round table discussion if needed.

Speech-to-text interpretation

There is a speech-to-text interpretation (in Finnish and in English). We also arrange speech-to-text interpretation to 1-2 round table discussions if needed.

Symbol for audio description Audio description

The program of the seminar day will be audio described (in Finnish), except for the round table discussions. The descriptive audio will be heard through the speakers in the beginnig of seminar at 8.55-9.00. The descriptive audio describes for example what Sampo Hall looks like. The descriptive audio is in Finnish, but you can listen to it interpreted to English through headphones. The descriptive audio continues (only in Finnish) during the presentations, and you can listen to it through the headphones.

Please let us know if you would like to have audio description, so we can estimate how many headphones we will need.

Personal assistants

If you bring a personal assistant, please tell about it when registrating. Assistants can come to the seminar day free of charge.

Symbol for service dogs Service dogs

Service dogs are welcome to the Forum.

Please do not wear perfume

Please not wear perfume and take people with fragrance sensitivity or allergies into account.

Electromagnetic radiation

We will try to take into account also people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. More information coming later. Unfortunately we will use wireless headphones and induction loop in the seminar.

More information

Outi Salonlahti
Email: outi.salonlahti(a)cultureforall.fi
Tel. + 358 40 963 9908
Culture for All Service / Yhdenvertaisen kulttuurin puolesta ry

The accessibility of the introductory visits 4.11.

Accessibility information of every introductory visit is in the program. Please do not wear perfume!

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