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Kaikukortti is currently in use in Espoo and Kainuu. Kaikukortti will get you free tickets for many cultural venues, such as concerts, museums, dance performances and the theatre. 

Culture belongs to everybody even if they are financially hard pressed. The aim of Kaikukortti is to improve the opportunities of young people, adults and families to participate in cultural life and engage in arts.

What is Kaikukortti?

Kaikukortti is a card, with which you can obtain free admission tickets and get a place for free on courses at adult educational centres in Kaikukortti network. The card is personal and does not cost anything.

Who can get a Kaikukortti?

You can get a Kaikukortti if

  • you use as a client services provided by Espoo-based or Kainuu-based social welfare and health communities that are part of the Kaikukortti network.

  • you are financially hard pressed and unable to attend cultural events or courses for that reason. 

  • you are over 16 years old. 

If there are under 16-year-old children in your family you can get free tickets with Kaikukortti for them too if you will attend the same event together. The children cannot however attend the adult education centre courses with you through Kaikukortti. 

Where Kaikukortti is in use? 

Kaikukortti is currently in use in Espoo and in Kainuu. 

Further information about Kaikukortti in Espoo.

Further information about Kaikukortti in Kainuu (in Finnish).

There are more than 20 cultural operators in the Espoo Kaikukortti network and more than 20 cultural operators in the Kainuu Kaikukortti network, and the card applies to a large part of their cultural supply. The events that are covered are listed on the websites of the cultural organisations. 

With Kaikukortti you can attend courses at one adult education center in Espoo and six adult education centres in Kainuu.  

How to get a Kaikukortti? 

You need to get your Kaikukortti card personally from one of the providers of social and healthcare services in the Kaikukortti network in Espoo or in Kainuu. You can apply for the card directly from the personnel. 

Kaikukortti on the national level 

The national Kaikukortti activities are coordinated by the Culture for All service with the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Learn more about the project behind Kaikukortti (in Finnish only). 

More information:
Aura Linnapuomi, Project Leader, Kulttuuripassi Follow-up Project
Culture for All Service
aura.linnapuomi (a) cultureforall.fi
tel: +358 40 931 0576

Mira Haataja, Project Coordinator, Kulttuuripassi Follow-up Project
Culture for All Service
mira.haataja (a) cultureforall.fi
tel: +358 40 213 6339

The graphic element of Kaikukortti
Siirry sivun alkuun

The logo of Kaikukortti

Logo of Espoo

Kaikukortti is a permanent service in Espoo

Espoo was the first municipality in Finland where the Kaikukortti model was tested out during 2015. From the beginning of 2016 Kaikukortti has been a permanent service in the city of Espoo.

Further information about Kaikukortti in Espoo on the webpages of the city of Espoo 

The logo on Kaikukortti

           Kainuu Vaakuna
    Kainuu Municipalities
 Kainuu Social and Health       Care Joint Authority

Kaikukortti in Kainuu

Kaikukortti model was tested out in Kainuu in 2016. It was the first regional experiment of the Kaikukortti. Kaikukortti activity continues to operate in Kainuu in 2017.


The graphic element of Kaikukortti

How to use Kaikukortti? 

You can get tickets to cultural venues or a place on a course through the ticket sales channels of the participating cultural venues and adult education centres, excluding online sales. The number of available tickets and course places may be limited.  

When booking a ticket or a course place state your Kaikukortti number and be prepared to show your card. If you get a ticket through a commercial ticket agency you will have to pay the service fee, even though the ticket itself is free of charge. Tickets for most of the Kaikukortti cultural venues can also be obtained directly on location without a service fee. 

Bring your Kaikukortti with you 

Bring your Kaikukortti with you when attending an event or a course. The personnel may ask to see it.