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More publications (in Finnish) can be found on the Finnish page.

FAQ Feminism and Queer in Art Education 

First FAQ is a collection of critical, contemporary feminist and queer scholarship emerging from the Department of Art at Aalto University, with contributions from Finnish and international students as well as faculty. The book advocates for non-normative educational, artistic, and cultural approaches that explore largely silenced issues. The texts emerge from personal experiences, but address systemic discrimination embedded within broad institutional and political structures. Edited by Suominen, Anniina & Pusa, Tiina. Published 2018. The printed book can be purchased through Aalto Arts Books.

FAQ Feminism and Queer in Art Education [PDF] 

More of these 'cross-boundary' activities, please! Sexual education-themed mythbusters workshops in the Helsexinki exhibition at Helsinki City Museum through co-operation with experts

In relation to the exhibition Helsexinki at the Helsinki City Museum 2017, a huge workshop project was carried out. The Mythbusters project had its roots in the will to spread information to young people on sexuality, gender identity and sex. The right to sufficient and correct information on these issues is a central sexual rights question which is also in the focus of the exhibition Helsexinki. The project was carried out in cooperation with several expert organizations.

The online publication for Mythbusters_EN_PDF

Wandering words. Comparisons of the Position of Non-dominant Language Writers in Nordic Organizations

This report written by Outi Korhonen and Rita Paqvalén is an attempt to map the Nordic literary field in regards to the position of the writer who writes in non-dominant languages.The aims of the report are to compare the situation in the different Nordic countries and to find out what possibilities and obstacles there are for writers who write in non-dominant languages, to highlight the problems involved and to also describe some of the best practices in the different Nordic countries. The report is published 17.3.2016.

Wandering words [DOC]
Wandering words [PDF]

Community Action Programme on Social Exclusion - The role of culture in preventing and reducing poverty and social exclusion

A summary of the main findings of a study commissioned by the Centre for Public Policy at Northumbria University. The study analyses and identifies cultural policies and programmes that contribute to preventing and reducing poverty and social exclusion. Policies in eight Member States are examined in the study (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom) and an overview of policies in five new Member States is also included.

The role of culture in preventing and reducing poverty and social exclusion [PDF]

Cultural Diversity and Integration at Museums. A Study of Pedagogical Programmes for Immigrants at National Museums in Finland and Sweden.

A master's thesis by Linnea Ollaiver (Uppsala University) sheds light on the relationship between ideals and practices concerning museum's role in integration and cultural diversity. Ollaiver has studied pedagogical programmes at the National Museum of Finland and at the Swedish History Museum. The study shows that the ideal of culturally diverse society and pedagogical practices do not always meet each other. The thesis is published in 2016 and it is written in English.

Cultural Diversity and Integration at Museums [PDF]
Cultural Diversity and Integration at Museums [DOC]

Don’t Be Quiet, Start a Riot! Essays on Feminism and Performance

(Stockholm UP 2016)
Tiina Rosenberg’s essay collection Don’t Be Quiet, Start a Riot!  investigates elements of the human voice and performance, and their implications for gender and sexuality. The chapters address affect, pleasure, and memory in the enjoyment of musical and theatrical performance. Rosenberg also examines contemporary feminist performance, anti-racist interventions, activist aesthetics, and political agency especially with regard to feminist and queer interpretations of opera and theatre.

Don’t Be Quiet, Start a Riot! can be downloaded on  stockholmuniversitypress.se

Diversity and the Museum

The report includes an analysis of multicultural Sweden, a study of methods and fundamental concepts, and a section devoted to concrete proposals. There is much that can be improved in our museums, the report concludes. And this is not just a matter of what museums present, but also of how the material is portrayed and by whom. Published by The Swedish Exhibition Agency, 2015.

Diversity and the Museum [PDF]

Immigrant artists in the Finnish support system for the arts

Paula Karhunen's study (Arts Promotion Centre Finland, 2013) aims to clarify how persons classified as immigrants are treated within the Finnish support system and by art policy. Is equality realised or are some applicants overlooked within support policies? The whole research report is available in Finnish.

Summary: Immigrant artists in the Finnish support system for the arts [PDF]

Outreach Europe

The project Outreach Europe is an extensive survey on museums and cultural institutions spread across Europe. Outreach Europe will look at how best to work with groups that are often overlooked in outreach, inclusion and volunteering opportunities. You can have a look at the project's findings in the research page and the good practice page on the website of the project.


Perspectives on Intercultural Dialogue

The publication brings together writings about the theme of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 from many different perspectives. Writers cover the theme from the view point of e.g. youth, education, civil participation, cultural cooperation and religions.

Perspectives on Intercultural Dialogue [PDF]

Report on peer-led voluntary initiatives in Finnish museums. Reviewed cases: Kulttuuriluotsi and Kultu

A report by Giovanna Esposito Yussif seeks to shed some light on the work developed by Kulttuuriluotsi and Kultu, two voluntary actions supported by major Finnish museums, whose work aims to seduce new and diverse audiences into participating in and with the museums and other art and culture related institutions.

Report on peer-led voluntary initiatives in Finnish museums [DOC]
Report on peer-led voluntary initiatives in Finnish museums [PDF]

Transcultural musicians discussed their situation in Finland

In Living Room Session organised by Global Music Centre on Monday 14.4.2014 transcultural musicians discussed their current situation in Finland. Discussion was written down byOuti Korhonen, regional artist on cultural diversity.

Transcultural musicians discussed their situation in Finland [DOC]
Transcultural musicians discussed their situation in Finland [PDF]

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Videos of the seminar Literature without Borders (YouTube), 18/03/2016 document the presentations and panel discussions related to multilingual Nordic literary field