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Disability Arts International

Disability Arts International is a website and regular digital newsletter developed and coordinated by the British Council. Disability Arts International aims to promote the work of the exciting generation of excellent disabled artists, disabled-led companies and inclusive arts organisations.


European Design for All e-Accessibility Network


Helsinki for All project

The aim of the Helsinki for All project (2002-2011) is a city in which everyone can move and live with ease. The goal is a Helsinki whose streets and green areas, buildings and public transport solutions are easy to use and blend seamlessly together. Public services are available to everyone.
Helsinki for All project

IT Funk

IT Funk has been The Norwegian Research Council's RTD-programme on ICT for people with disability.


Kaikukortti is currently in use in Espoo and in Kainuu. It is also tested out in Lappeenranta starting the 1st of June 2017 until 31st of December. Kaikukortti will get you free tickets for many cultural venues, such as concerts, museums, dance performances and theatre.

NOA Nordic Outsider Art

A network of five professional Nordic Outsider Art organisations acts together in common project. The main aim of NOA project is to strengthen connections between the actors of Outsider Art in Nordic countries and to develop new collaborative methods for the creative work in supported studios. NOA project seeks for advancing the quality of work practise and creating innovative solutions in making a difference in individual artistic development and in the field of Nordic Outsider Art. The project takes place in 2016. Finnish Outsider Art association Kettuki administrates the project.

Noa on the website of Kettuki

Nordic Audio Film Forum

Nordic Audio Film Forum intends to promote the national and international supply of audiodescription for cinema, television and cultural events by exchange of experience, common projects and initiatives.
Nordic Audio Film Forum declaration
Nordic Audio Film Forum in Facebook

Social Circus project

The main goal of the Social Circus project is to help circus organisations produce quality social circus for special groups, give the organisations necessary marketing tools to turn social circus into a product for welfare services.
Social Circus project: vaikuttavasirkus.fi/english

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