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Avaus Diversity Information Pack

This Diversity Information Pack contains information about diversity and how arts and cultural professionals can promote diversity in their sector. The Information Pack is intended for everyone who is interested in diversity and wants to promote equality within the field of arts and culture.

Avaus Diversity Information Pack

Mainstreaming EO&D in the Design of Cultural Services

The guidebook is based on two complementing areas of expertise which the British Council has been working on for a long time - Equal Opportunities & Diversity and Intercultural Communications. The first area comprises of concrete tools and methods for making an organisation and its services and products more inclusive. The second area, relevant leadership and communication skills, help to execute these methods effectively and involve and motivate staff and customers and audiences. Published 2013.

Mainstreaming EO&D in the Design of Cultural Services [PDF]

Break the norm!

Methods for studying and working with norms in general and the heteronorm in particular. (Produced by RFSL Ungdom & The Living History Forum/Forum för levande historia, 2009)

Break the norm! [PDF, link to RFSLungdom.se]

Community Worker's Guide. When Circus Lessons Become Life Lessons.

This document is a summary of the social circus approach developed by Cirque du Soleil, as well as a practical guide. Written by Michel Lafortune & Annie Bouchard, published by Cirque du Soleil (2011).

Community Worker's Guide (link to cirquedusoleilcirquesocial.app.box.com)

Siirry sivun alkuun

Videos of the seminar Literature without Borders (YouTube), 18/03/2016 document the presentations and panel discussions related to multilingual Nordic literary field