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Ilaria Tucci

Areas of expertise: applied theatre, conflict transformation, peace education, intercultural and nonviolent communication, diversity

Contact info: ilatucci(a)gmail.com

Ilaria Tucci is a theatre practitioner (BA in acting) and peace scholar (BA, MA in Peace Studies). During the last ten years, she has been developing her own applications of theatre as a tool of dialogue among people, participation, empowerment, peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Since January 2013, Ilaria has been living in Tampere, and now she is a Doctoral Researcher at the Tampere University (TAU) in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program with an interdisciplinary research, which combines ethnography, applied theatre and peace research. For her Doctoral Project - “Activist Theatre at the Border of Europe: Militarization and Migration Industry in Lampedusa" – she has facilitated a community based theatre experience within the militarized context of Lampedusa. In 2019, Ilaria is implementing her “mission” as a Diversity Agent with the Tampere Film Festival team.  

Photo credits: Saara Partanen

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