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Guest exhibition at Gallery Art Kaarisilta 14.10.-15.11.2009

Jarmo Kukkonen: Views from the riverside
Guest exhibition in Art Kaarisilta 14.10.-15.11.2009
The artist tells about his works and the Art godparent project on October 28th 16-18 and on November 7th 12-14 in the gallery.

In his small oil paintings, Jarmo Kukkonen (b. 1968) suggests routes to landscapes that are situated between the reality and the next world. The light is the gate to these landscapes. The frame of the exhibition consists of paintings Kukkonen painted in India last winter. This series of paintings is like a travel journal from the artist's inner path.

Jarmo Kukkonen has exhibited in several private and group exhibitions. He has also carried out works in public spaces, for example in the Laune church in Lahti in 2008. Kukkonen has worked as art teacher aswell. He leads an art group for mentally disabled artists in Oitti.

Kukkonen has taken part in the Art godparent project by Kaarisilta association since 2007. In the project an artists initiates one of the art students of Kaarisilta on his or her working and on different operational environments. The godparent also helps the student in useful networking considering the students future after the studies.

Art Kaarisilta started its activity in February 2009. The gallery presents artists needing special assistance equally beside other artists. Art Kaarisilta also wants to create a dialogue between the people making art and the audience and start a conversation about the hierarchies of the art world.

The gallery Art Kaarisilta is run by Kaarisilta association which offers daily activity and vocational cultural education in the fields of visual art and music for people needing special assistance.

More information:

Art Kaarisilta, tel. +358 40 5103 813, art@kaarisilta.fi, www.kaarisilta.fi
Kaarisilta r.y., director Maija Arvaja, tel. +358 40 7218 758 maija.arvaja@kaarisilta.fi

Art Kaarisilta
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