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Grants for art projects promoting multiculturalism

The Finnish Ministry of Education has allocated a 100,000 euro appropriation for art projects promoting multiculturalism and intercultural interaction to be implemented during 2009. The projects will be evaluated mainly on the basis of artistic criteria. The appropriation can be used for allocating grants to support the artistic activities of immigrants and national ethnic minorities and art projects promoting intercultural interaction.

The aim in awarding the grants is to:

1. promote opportunities for immigrant artists and artists of national minorities to take part in Finnish artistic life on an equal basis
2.support the multicultural work of other artists, working groups and art projects promoting intercultural competence in Finland.

Project grants may be applied for by private individuals and working groups. The application period begins immediately and ends 2 March 2009.

The application form can be downloaded from the Arts Council of Finland website http://www.taiteenkeskustoimikunta.fi/ . The next application period regarding 2010 projects is in the autumn.

The grants are distributed by the new multiculturalism division of the Arts Council of Finland. The appropriation is part of the Lottery proceeds allocated to the promotion of art. Corresponding grants for communities are distributed by the Ministry of Education.

The appropriations for multicultural art projects are part of the Ministry of Education's accessibility programme of arts and culture.


Further information: 

Kirsi Väkiparta
Senior Advisor
tel. +358 9 1607 7027

Umayya Abu-Hanna
Chair of the Division
+358 40 524 3090

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