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Transartists guidelines to art organisations launched in Finnish 20th November

Selvät sävelet - ohjeita kuraattoreille, gallerioille ja instituutioille työskentelyyn trans- ja muunsukupuolisten sekä muiden sukupuolivähemmistöihin kuuluvien taiteilijoiden kanssa

The first publication by Feminist Culture House (FCH) is a Finnish translation of guidelines for enhancing the working conditions of trans, non-binary and gender diverse artists. The publication is set to be launched on November 20th, on the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Whilst working with underrepresented artists, FCH has recognised a greater need for more ethical, safer, and fairer working conditions for trans, non-binary and gender diverse artists working with and for arts organisations. Whilst, at the same time FCH understands that tangible changes in the practices of arts organisations are needed in order for the art field to go from talking about equity to actions of equity.

Currently, as the majority of art organisations in Finland communicate in Finnish, FCH decided that the set of guidelines, written by artists Archie Barry and Spence Messih and originally called "Clear Expectations - Guidelines For Institutions, Galleries And Curators Working With Trans, Non-Binary And Gender Diverse Artists (2019)" should be translated into Finnish. The translation team are as follows: translator Johanna Koskinen, editing Orlan Ohtonen (FCH), Kid Kokko, Even Minn, Shady Stardust and Taneli Viljanen, design Jara Pohjonen, Chih Tung Lin and Savu E. Korteniemi. 

Selvät Sävelet will be free to download on FCH website after the launch: feministculturehouse.org/publishing/selvat-savelet. Feminist Culture House offers training and consultation to art organisations wanting to imppelement Selvät Sävelet guidelines.

On 20th of Nov at 7-9.30pm FCH is organising a live stream event from Loukko in Helsinki, celebrating both the trans artists whose work has paved our way as well as the communities of trans artists we have the privilege of working with and following today. The program includes a video message from the authors, a fiction short film about the iconic trans artist and activist Marsha P. Johnson called Happy Birthday Marsha! and party bingo by Horseboy95. You can join the event via this link to Google forms.


Transgender Day of Remembrance reminds us of how the world is not yet safe for trans people. If you wish to make a donation to support the safety of trans communities, you may do so for example here:

Black Trans Travel Fund (USA)

Black Trans Femmes in the Arts (USA)

House of Gucci Finland (SUOMI)

Transfeminiinit ry (SUOMI)

More information

Orlan Ohtonen orlan@feministculturehouse.org 040-5522499


Feminist Culture House (FCH) is an intersectional feminist organisation based in Helsinki, Finland, working with and for underrepresented artists and arts workers. Its co-founders are Katie Lenanton, Neicia Marsh, Orlan Ohtonen, and Selina Väliheikki. FCH is funded by Kone Foundation.

Original publication on Countess website

Clear Expectations – Guidelines For Institutions, Galleries And Curators Working With Trans, Non-Binary And Gender Diverse Artists (PDF), 2019


Archie Barry ja Spence Messih

Archie Barry is a multidisciplinary artist working in Birraranga/Naarm (Melbourne, Australia). Their practice takes form as an autobiographical, somatic and process-led exploration of personhood, gender and mortality. They have exhibited and performed at The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art; Melbourne, The Museum of Contemporary Art; Sydney, Contemporary Art Tasmania; Artspace, Sydney; Buxton Contemporary; Melbourne and ALASKA Projects; Sydney, amongst other spaces. Barry completed a Masters of Contemporary Art at Victorian College of the Arts where they are currently a sessional lecturer.

Spence Messih is an artist living and working on Gadigal land (Sydney, Australia). Their practice speaks to sites of pressure, power structures, materiality and language and more specifically about these things in relation to their own trans experience. Their work has been exhibited at Auto Italia, London; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne; Artspace, Sydney; ALASKA Projects; and Firstdraft Gallery; among others. They have undertaken artist residency programs with Bundanon Trust; Wildfjords, West Fjords, Iceland; and at NES, Skagaströnd, Iceland. They are a current PhD candidate at The University of NSW Art and Design.

Happy Birthday Marsha! Directors: Tourmaline and Sasha Wortzel, 2017 

“As queer and trans artists, we have found that oppression does not solely affect our material conditions. Our relationships with each other, our ancestors, and communities are also at stake. Our work addresses the systematic erasure of rich legacies of trans and queer activism and art by creating artworks that revisit and re-imagine these stories. We mine existing archives and create new ones to address how our relationship with the past shapes our understandings of the present. We look back in order to dream a way forward.”


Horseboy95 started his bingo career in Turku after he found out he likes to play with small balls. Now for the first time you can watch him play with them from the comfort of your own home.

Bingo gifts by: Femzine, Harakanpesä, Nomen Nescio, Pride Takeover, Sateekaarikauppa

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