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Report on the role of archives in the preservation of queer cultural heritage published

What role have sexual and gender minorities played in Finland's 100-year history and what traces have they left in the archives? What places, spaces and moments have been significant from an LGBTI perspective, and how can and should this story be documented and archived for future generations?

In the report Minns du? Vårt queera kulturarv (Do you remember? Our queer cultural heritage) discusses the role of archives in the preservation of the queer cultural heritage. The report is the final report for the archive cooperation within the Finland 100 – In Rainbow Colors project and it is edited by project manager Rita Paqvalén. The report's working group also included the archivists Maria Miinalainen, Hanna Strandberg and Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch.

The project Finland 100 – In Rainbow Colors (2016-2018) was organised led by Culture for all and Seta ry and was implemented in collaboration with various arts and culture organizations. The project also involved individual researchers and artists. The purpose of the project was to bring forth the history of sexual and gender ministries as part of the history of independent Finland, to gather new knowledge about the everyday life and history of minorities, and to review art and culture from a queer perspective.

You can download the report on Culture for All's website.

More information on The Finland Project 100 – In Rainbow Colors can be found on the projects webpage.

More information about the archive report and project:

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