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Nuori Taide – a new forum for young people’s art

Nuori Taide is a cluster of activities. It organizes national young art events as well as regional and local workshops and trainings.

Within the framework of the project, young people have an opportunity to present their own artworks, artistic expression and form of activity. They get a chance to work with professionals of the art field and to receive valuable feedback from them. They also get a chance to experience new things. 

Nuori Taide is developed in co-operation with experts of youth work, art and visual culture. 

Nuori Taide is aimed at young people aged 13 to 29, depending on the nature of the activity. 

Nuori Taide operates alongside the Young Culture project focusing on dance, theatre and music, and it is also a co-operation partner of Amos Rex museum and the Generation Exhibition.

Read more on Nuori Taide’s website www.nuoritaide.fi or in our news in Finnish above.

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