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News about personnel: Ruka Toivonen is Culture for All's new communications intern

Ruka Toivonen started as Culture for All’s communitations intern on 1st February 2022.

Ruka will graduate from the Master's program in Social Change at the University of Helsinki, in the spring of 2022. During their studies, Ruka has worked as a live model and school assistant, as well as been part of different grassroots social movements. Ruka has also produced workshop content about LGBTQ issues, diversity, activism, and community organising.

Ruka works as a communications intern part-time, from Tuesday to Thursfay. Alonside work at Culture for All, they are finishing their master's thesis on Finnish queer history and AIDS activism of the 1980's.

Welcome, Ruka!

Ruka's contact information: e-mail ruka.toivonen@cultureforall.fi and tel. 040 199 0406 (country code +358)

Ruka Toivonen against a white brick wall.
Ruka Toivonen.
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