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Disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users, welcome to Artists’ Meeting online on Wed 16th November at 18-20!

Illustration, where speech bubbles are floating in the air. They are supported by many kinds of arm, long, short, thin, thick, white, black. Some speech bubbles are empty, some have patterning. In one combination of a bubble and a hand come to mind a fortune teller rubbing their crystal ball. The illustration is made with black ink and marker and pale pink watercolor.
Illustration: Hanna Väätäinen.

Culture for All and the Cultural Association Finland’s Eucrea organize a series of artists’ meetings in 2022-2023. We warmly invite you to our third meeting! The meeting will be online on Zoom.

Time: Wednesday 16th November at 18-20

The theme of this meeting is networking. What is it about and why is it worth it? With whom to network, where and how? Does networking feel difficult or does it go smoothly as a part of your work as an artist? 

We especially invite artists who identify as disabled or as a Sign Language user, but all artists interested in peer support and collaboration are welcome. You are welcome, even if you have not participated in our previous meetings. You can participate if you are interested in making art but are not yet working as a professional artist. You are welcome to join, even if you did not attend the previous meetings. 

We will discuss together and in small groups. We adhere to our safer space principles. Read the safer space policy on the website of Culture for All. The languages of the meeting are Finnish and Finnish Sign Language, English and Swedish can also be used. We will provide Finnish Sign Language interpretation. 

Please register by sending an e-mail to Johanna Mattila, johanna@lalunes.com, by Monday 14th November. You will receive a Zoom link in your e-mail. You can contact Johanna by email or phone, tel. 044-0469548, if you have any questions. 

Looking forward, 

Johanna Mattila and Maija Karhunen 


The artists’ meeting is part of Culture for All’s project Making space for artistry - equality for disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users, funded by the Kone Foundation. 

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