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Keynote speech at #StopHatredNow2020 on Matkalla - On the go! -project

Matkalla - On the go! -project's project coordinator Maija Karhunen gave a keynote speech at this years #StopHatredNow event.

The event was this year held online. The first day of the event was organised in collaboration with Culture for All and many others.

Part of the day's program was the prerecorded keynote speech "Disabled artists, gatekeepers and new standards. Introducing Matkalla - On the go! -kickstart project". Maija talks about issues that artists with different disabilities might come across when working in the art field. She introduces the new Matkalla - On the go! -project that develops mentoring models to pave the career pathways of disabled and Deaf artists. The aim is also to prepare educations for gatekeepers on disabled people's issues and diversity and to create a network around the topic.

Watch here:

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