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Social access

Do our exhibitions, performances and other events reflect the interests and life experiences of our various target groups?

Social access is bound up with the content of cultural services. Service providers must ask whose identity and whose interpretation is represented in collections, displays, and events. Do the contents reflect the interests and life experiences of a diversity of target audiences, including minorities? Be aware that interpretive systems and social structures are cultural creations. Sensitivity to the varieties of human experience, perception, thought and values is required.

Co-operate and reach out

  • Maintain direct contacts with user groups / diverse audiences.
  • Set up advisory boards of representatives of diverse audiences.
  • Develop communication skills, offer language choices.
  • Run community projects.

Chosen identity and interpretation

  • Work together with target groups to ensure that content includes views and concerns that feel familiar and interesting to them.
  • Be aware of whose identity is represented in the choices made when creating a service.
  • Devise exhibitions/events that represent the chosen identities.
  • Check your recruiting policy: employ people with diverse backgrounds.


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