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Policies and action plans

Do our policies and action plans reflect our willingness to work to improve accessibility?

A cultural organisation needs a policy for implementing accessibility in its strategic planning. An accessibility policy demonstrates a commitment to making services accessible to everyone. The action plan gives concrete ways of achieving this aim. It can be based on information gained through an accessibility survey. A survey can help in deciding priorities and timetables, and in designating the responsible personnel. Budgeting is a crucial part of planning.

From policy to action

  • "Sell" the idea and promote interest in accessibility among co-workers; note that it is essential that the leadership of the organization is in favour and is committed.
  • Form a team to make a policy document concrete enough to give guidelines and tools to also recognize the successes or failures.
  • Define staff responsibilities.
  • Make action plans, including timetables and budgets.
  • Make plans together with users: test your ideas, plans and actions in the process, seek feedback from your audiences.
  • Check how the employment procedures in your organisation reflect the diversity of the population, and include statements on this in employment policy.
  • If obstacles are encountered, such as the protection of a historical environment or the conflicting needs of different audiences, there always seems to be a solution available.


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