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Intellectual access

Can people gain new experiences and information from our offerings, even if they have no previous knowledge of the subject?
Have varied types of learning been considered?

Make information available for all levels of interest and understanding. Intellectual access is about making it easy to grasp the content of what is being offered - even if the recipient has no previous knowledge of the subject. Knowing and understanding the background to a performance, exhibition or cultural event helps the audience to appreciate it. It can be helpful if brochures and other publicity information include texts in plain language. Illustrations, hands-on activities, and opportunities to learn through experience provide more possibilities than language-based information alone.


Different levels and means of information

  • Make background information available.
  • Create opportunities for various types of learning.
  • Consider different levels, from easy-to-understand to profound: Why? What? Who? Where? When?
  • Offer a choice of audio and visual information.
  • Consider audiovisual presentations, such as videos, films etc., with subtitles, sign language and audio descriptions.
  • Hands-on activities, workshops and community projects offer more avenues to learning.
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