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Do we make new visitor groups welcome?
Are staff members open-minded about diversity?

A welcoming and open attitude to diversity is the key to developing better services. It is the foundation for all access-development initiatives. An awareness of diverse audiences is required during all stages of planning, financing and production. Policy documents should reflect a desire and commitment to make services accessible to all.


Key points

  • Identify what knowledge would most benefit your staff and what financial resources are available.
  • Find out if you can organise training together with another cultural-service provider.
  • Contact organisations and businesses that represent the audiences you want to reach. Many offer training and consultation.
  • Learn about good services for all: what is required for good communication, for easy understanding of what you have to offer, and for unimpeded mobility?
  • Costs vary: some organisations' local representatives are available free, while attending an international conference can cost thousands of euros.
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