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Accessible communication

Does our information reach new visitor groups effectively?
Do we provide information in several alternative ways?

Efficient communication reaches out to diverse audiences in different ways. Access to marketing information is enhanced when the language is made easy to understand and where choices of language are available. Websites must also be accessible to those who use Braille keyboards or voice synthesisers. Websites and printed materials should use large enough print with good contrast.

Advertise to diverse target groups; find out how to reach the relevant communities. It is also important to include access information in your marketing. Symbols can be used, for example physical access can be indicated by a wheelchair emblem.

Alternative formats

  • Use alternative formats, both audio and visual, in marketing; check that your website is accessible; use e-mail lists.
  • Consider large print, Braille, easy-to read fonts, videos/DVD with subtitles or sign language.

Access information

  • Use marketing tools and front-of-building information to tell audiences about accessibility levels.
  • Give basic access information in leaflets, on the web, and in advertisements.
  • Access information is based on the results of a survey.
  • Use access symbols in marketing.

Leaflets, ads, websites, mailing lists

  • Check the media you use: What information do you give? Does the graphic design use big enough fonts and contrast? Is the language simple enough? Is the website accessible?
  • Make targeted efforts to reach specific communities.
  • Include diverse communities in your mailing lists.


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