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What is accessibility?

A welcoming and open attitude to diversity is the key to developing better services. It is the foundation for all access-development initiatives. An awareness of diverse audiences is required during all stages of planning, financing and production.

An accessible cultural site offers everyone an opportunity to take part and to gain new experiences. Here are some points to consider when improving accessibility.

  • Attitudes

    Do we make new visitor groups welcome?
    Are staff members open-minded about diversity?

  • Planning and budgeting

    Are we committed to promoting accessibility in our action and action plans and in our longer-term strategy?
    Who makes decisions and choices in our organisation? 
    How are choices made?
    Is there diversity in our workforce?
    Who do we work with?

  • Accessible communication

    Are the websites and brochures we use accessible?
    Is the language we use understandable?
    What language options are available?
    Do we communicate the accessibility of our facilities and services?
    Do we communicate in alternative ways?
    Do we communicate directly to target audiences?
    Is information easy to find?

  • Social accessibility

    Does everyone feel welcome?
    Whose stories are being told?
    Who do you work with? 
    Is it made clear that discrimination of any kind is forbidden? 
    Who is reached by information about services?

  • Accessible pricing

    Are there differentiated entrance fees?
    Are there free periods or events?
    Does the group lower the financial threshold for participation?

  • Accessibility of the built environment

    Does the built environment cater for the needs of a wide range of audiences and staff?

    How smooth is it to move around the premises, both indoors and outdoors?

  • Sensory access

    Are people's different ways of using their senses taken into account?

  • Intellectual access

    Can people easily understand what we offer and what we do, even if they have no previous knowledge of the subject?

    Are different ways of learning taken into account?

    Are people who are just learning the language taken into account?

  • Regional accessibility

    Can you find a library or museum within walking distance? 

    Can you catch a local bus to a concert or theatre? 

    Is the distance to cultural services reasonable? 

  • Policies and action plans

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