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Queer History Month is organized again in November 2019! Sign up your program 11.10. the latest!

Seta and Culture for All Service call on cultural and memory organisations, schools and others to take part in the second Queer History Month in Finland during the whole of November 2019. The purpose of the month is to review Finnish history and culture from a queer perspective and include the queer narratives into our common cultural heritage. The Society for Queer Research in Finland awarded the Queer Action of the Year 2018 (Vuoden pervoteko) award to Queer History Month.

The history of sexual and gender minorities has always existed and been present during all times, cultures and social classes, but it has mostly been written out or silenced. To find it requires sensibility and ability to see differently.

Queer history month that makes visible the history and cultural heritage of LGBTIQ minorities was held in Finland for the first time in 2018. Participants in the Queer History Month 2018 included for example the Labor Archives, the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Aine Art Museum, Ateneum Art Museum, AV Arkki, Finnish Literature Society, Goethe Institute, Helsinki City Museum, National Museum, National Theater, Swedish Literature Society in Finland and Yle Elävä Arkisto / Archive. 

We challenge you and your organisation to take part in making the silenced history our shared cultural heritage! 

How to join?

Queer History Month is an event that is open for all and you can join for example by some of the following activities.

Organise events or an exhibition: The month is realised through the funding of participating organizations. The organiser is responsible for their own events communication. From the autumn 2019 onwards, the Queer History Month team will gather information on events to the website: https://seta.fi/historiakuukausi/. Tell us about your event by filling in this form (in Finnish). 

Sign up your program by Friday 11.10. the latest.

Bring LGBTIQ history to everyday life: Libraries can take part by organising exhibitions with books and/or other material related to the theme. Schools can organise theme days, invite experts to speak and discuss or arrange workshops.

Tell about LGBTIQ history: Share material and images associated with queer history on social media with the hashtags #sateenkaarihistoriakuukausi #queerhistoriskmånad #queerhistorymonth and on the Facebook page.

Tools and more ideas for queering culture can be found on the Queer History Month webpage.

More information

Christine Langinauer, 040 353 3234, christine.langinauer@cultureforall.fi / www.cultureforall.fi

Kerttu Tarjamo, 050 309 8108, paasihteeri@seta.fi / www.seta.fi

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