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Al Hakawati Mustafa - narrative performance and puppet theater for children in Arabic 2.-4.4. in Ostrobothnia

Al Hakawati Mustafa - storytelling performance in Arabic

Al Hakawatin is a famous figure in the Middle East, a person who walks around in cafes and tells tales and stories for big and small. Al Hakawati Mustafa tells famous stories from the Middle East and HC Andersen's story about Lill-Klas and Stor-Klas.

Language: Arabic

Age: For children from 6 years and families

Puppetry: The puppet theater player Mustafa Aldarwish and his dolls in front of fairy tales about adventure and friendship. Mustafa makes Selma Lagerlöf’s The three golden apples for the first time in Arabic. Suitable for young children.

Language: Arabic

Tour dates and places: April 2nd: Larsmo Library, April 3rd: Karleby, April 4th: Pedersöre

More information in the Facebook event.

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