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Open call for DiDa – Disability Day Art & Action 2019 program!

DiDa is looking for all kinds of program related to people with disabilities, art made by artists with disabilities and art that takes a stance.

The open call is on until August 5th 2019 at 4pm. Apply by filling in this form (in Finnish): https://disabilityday.net/ohjelmahaku/ 

November to December, culminating at the International Day of Disabled people on 3.12. DiDa offers fun, friendship and art to the disabled community and beyond. DiDa will be held this year for the fourth time.

The theme of the event is important, but there is more going on in the background. Through this event, the international day of the disabled as well as their human rights and equality issues are raised to the public. DiDa highlights the expertise of people with disabilities and shapes our attitudes. It is hoped that disabled artists along with art lovers will be welcomed.

DiDa reminds us how important having freedom of expression and a place for self-image is and hopes to share that with the wider community.

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