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Cultur for All has a new trainee

Razan Abou Askar has started as a trainee at the Culture for All Service on Monday 21.1.2019. Her training period is for 50 % until the end of May. During the training Razan’s tasks will be helping out in two projects, starting with the Multilingual month, which is celebrated 21.2.-21.3, and followed by the Opening-project. Her tasks more specifically include but are not limited to: communication, copy editing, updating blogs and advertising relevant events.
Razan holds a BA degree in English Language and Literature and she is currently completing her first year of the Master’s Programme in Intercultural Encounters at the University of Helsinki. She is drawn, both academically and artistically, to the challenges that arise from interactions between different cultures. She would like to focus on intercultural encounters in order to fully grasp its complexities, so that the work that in the future develop can be more pointed and more efficient. In the future, Razan wishes to further her artistic career while working on the integration of immigrant communities, either in the governmental or the non-governmental sector.
Razan’s contact information razan.askar@cultureforall,fi, 040 5946 596 
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