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Autism Film Festival in Helsinki 5.-4.2019

Autism Foundation of Finland is producing for the fourth time the annual Autism Film Festival and again this the admission is free! This year the festival showcases a wide variety of films about Autism and people living with Autism from around the world from Italy to USA. The festivals main goal is to improve the awerness of Autism and the spectrum of people affected by it.

This years festival has three guests of honour, the producers and subjects of the film In Alto Mare, On The High Seas from association Diversamente Onlus from Cagliari, Italy, Jamey Wolff from Center for Spectrum Services from New York, USA, who has directed and produced the documentary Aspergers Difference. and also the festival is proud to have as guest of honour the director Abdelhai Laraki and producer Caroline Locardi of the first Autism film in Northern Africa.
All the festivals guests of honour give an introduction to their films screening and an Q&A session after the screening. 

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