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Audiodescribed movies in movies theaters at the moment

The Vedenneito  (Water Maiden)Nature Documentary premiered on 5.4.2019 and is a beautiful nature experience for the whole family. The movie is audiodescirbed in Finnish in MovieReading app. 

Watch the movie trailer on Youtube.

Men and boys (Miehiä ja poikia) documentary film 

Joonas Berghäll's documentary film Men and boys premiered on 29.3.2019 is audiodescribed in Finnish in the MovieReading app. The Men and Boys movie trailer.

Baby Jane and Nature Symphony (Luontosinfonia) movies 

Katja Gauriloff's movie Baby Jane and Marko Röhr's film Nature Symphony have also been audiodescribedin Finnish for the MovieReading app. The premiere of the Baby Jane film was on the 8.3.2019 and the Nature Symphony film on the 22.3.2019. 

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