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Klaus Härö’s Tuntematon mestari film and Miia Tervo’s Aurora film audio described in Finnish in movie theaters

Tuntematon mestari

Tuntematon mestari (An unknown master) is a story of an aging art dealer who for the last time tries to prove his ability for himself and people close to him. The main roles by Heikki Nousiainen, Amos Brotherus and Pirjo Lonka. The film premiered 4.1.2019.


Aurora, who does not want to make commitments, spends her time working as a nail technician during days and spends the evenings in the bars of Rovaniemi. One evening she meets Darian and he asks her to save her life. He must find a Finnish woman to marry so that he and his daughter can stay in Finland. Aurora promises to help Darian find a wife, but when a perfect candidate pops up maybe something else is found too? The film premieres 25.1.2019.

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