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The well-being of the aging people supported through art and Kaikukortti

Woman with gray hair holds hands up. She is wearing purple dressing gown.
Photographer Marko Tikkinen, from the film Alinan aamu, director Elli Isokoski 2019.

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) received 680,000 euros from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to be distributed to the Cultural Well-being for the Aging project.

"This is the first funding for culture from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health's government program," says Johanna Vuolasto, Taike's specialist. 

“In the project, we aim to improve the quality of life of aging people, increase their experiences of inclusion and help that aging people find meaningful content in their lives,” Vuolasto continues. 

In addition, the project will consolidate the use of “Culture on referral” concept for low-income and independent seniors. This will be done by expanding the deployment of Kaikukortti in different parts of Finland. With the Kaikukortti, people in a financially tight situation can obtain free entrance tickets to festivals, museums, theaters or concerts, for example. 

The role of the Culture for All service is to find ways to take older people better into account in the Kaikukortti activity emphasising the diversity of aging people and the accessibility of services. Aging people are a heterogeneous group, which is important to note both among actors in social and health care and well-being and health promotion as well as cultural actors. A person’s characteristics and background affect what kind of opportunities he or she has to participate in art and culture as an experiencer. The Culture for All service will organize e.g. workshops in the project locations. 

The Cultural Well-being for the Aging project will be implemented in co-operation with the Theatre Center Association, the Culture for All Service / the Association For Culture on Equal Terms and the pilot municipalities of the AILI network in Rovaniemi, Seinäjoki and Espoo. The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) acts as the coordinator of the development project. 

More information here (in Finnish).

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