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Culture for All has started the new project Matkalla – On the go!

The aim is to prepare models to promote the inclusion of disabled and Deaf artists in the art field. Potential tools are artists’ mentoring or peer support and learning among colleagues, as well as educating gatekeepers on disabled people’s issues and diversity, and creating a network around the topic.

Matkalla – On the go! is a kickstart project funded by Kone Foundation.

In the frame of Matkalla – On the go! we have started a discussion group on Facebook: Disabled and Deaf artists & allies. This closed group is for peer support and sharing information. Discussion is mostly in Finnish, but you are welcome to discuss in other languages, too. Representatives and artists from all the art fields are welcome to discuss and everyone can post! The group will remain even after the project has finished. 


Matkalla – On the go! What we intend to do?

  • Map out mentoring models in the arts - also internationally - and reflect what could work in support of artists with disabilities 
  • Create models of mentoring, peer support, and learning among colleagues and start making them available to people with disabilities to pave the career pathway of art students and artists 
  • Educate art institutions and gatekeepers on disabled people’s issues and diversity 
  • Create a network around the topic 
  • Organize a seminar on the topic and encourage public discussion 
  • New models are being sought in this project. To continue the work the aim is to embed the models into art education and art structures with a new project funding.

The project length is March – September 2020.

Why this project?

Please read more about the background of Matkalla - On the go! -project here on Culture for All's website.

The network

  • cultural actors in the disability sector 
  • cultural actors in the sign language community 
  • disabled artists - already working as artists, as well as emerging artists 
  • art educators 
  • experts in mentorship and peer support 
  • actors who promote equality and equity in the art field 
  • art institutions and gatekeepers such as producers, funders, student selectors, peer reviewers, curators, critics, art administrators 
  • social service providers of disabled people’s support and services

Partnership with EUCREA 

Our main partner is EUCREA Finland. Eucrea is the only actor in Finland combining the cultural and disability sectors. Eucrea has connections with artists across disabilities and all their activities are led by disabled people themselves. 


Would you like to get involved? Contact us!

Project Coordinator, Maija Karhunen, maija.karhunen@cultureforall.fi, 040 188 3538 

Senior Specialist, Sari Salovaara, sari.salovaara@cultureforall.fi, 040 931 3958

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