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Children's book "Hayflower and Quiltshoe" translated into Sign Language – children whose first language is Sign Language finally got their own story book

The Finnish Association of the Deaf has received feedback from the teachers about the lack of children's literature in Sign Language.

The Sign Language Library, run by the Finnish Association of the Deaf, decided to act on the wish of the teachers and started to work with the book project. On 18 November the first children's story book in Sign Language, Heinähattu, Vilttitossu ja ärhäkkä koululainen ("Hayflower and Quiltshoe and the Zippy Pupil" in Finnish), was published. The story can be watched in the Sign Language Library (in Finnish Sign Language)

The Finnish Assoaciation of the Deaf first contacted Sinikka and Tiina Nopola, the authors of Hayflower and Quiltshoe series. They, as well as the illustrator of the book Salla Savolainen, took a positive stance towards the project. Part of the funds needed were raised using crowdfunding. The story can be also listened in Finnish language. The aim is that children who speak Sign Language can watch the story together with their classmates, family members and friends. Also the teachers' wish to have the story in a similar format than the books was taken into account.

For more information, please contact: 
Riitta Vivolin-Karén, producer, Sign Language Library, tel. +358 40 574 5053, riitta.vivolin-karen(at)kuurojenliitto.fi
Tiina Vihra, communications officer, The Finnish Association of the Deaf, tel. +358 40 828 1846, tiina.vihra(at)kuurojenliitto.fi
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