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Arts Promotion Centre Finland: Artists from several fields of art have arrived in Finland as refugees

There have been artists from several fields of arts among the refugees who have arrived in Finland during the last few years, a survey made by Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) reveals. The most represented fields are visual arts and music. Among the answerers, there were also actors, artists from the field of movies, architects and professionals of the media sector. Many of the refugees have completed a degree or studies in their fields.

The survey reveals that these artists need a lot of support to be able to continue their profession in Finland. This support includes collegial and social networking, equipment, facilities, information and education. In addition to cultural policy, these artists need fair immigration and refugee politics.

Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) made survey using an open call method. Out of 69 answerers over the half were under 30 years old and most of them had arrived in Finland during the last five years. The answerers have come to Finland from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, and Palestine.

The survey can be found on Taike’s website (in Finnish).


More information:

Kaija Rensujeff, kaija.rensujeff(a)taike.fi, puh. 0295 330 721

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