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The Forum of Equality in Culture: Registration extended!

The registration to one workshop on 2 November and to all introductory visits on 4 November has been extended.

The Forum of Equality in Culture: Accessibility 3.0 will be organized 2-4th November.

We warmly welcome you to discuss how new creative technologies can improve the accessibility and equality of art of culture. We have extended the registration to Esteettömyys elokuvateatterissa (The Accessibility in Movie Theatre) workshop and to the introductory visits.

The Forum of Equality in Culture is a three day event, which will be held from 2nd November to 4th November 2016 in Helsinki and capital area. It is still possible to register to The Accessibility in Movie Theatre workshop on 2nd November and to the following introductory visits: Accessibility of Helsinki Central Library; How Does Streaming Transmit Art Experience in Care Units of Memory Disorder Patients; Origin, Utilization and Present of Service Named Pictures for All and Aalto University Undergraduate Centre.

Some visits are in Finnish, some in English. For more information, see the program on the website of Culture for All. Please note that the workshop Esteettömyys elokuvateatterissa (The Accessibility in Movie Theatre) will be held in Finnish.

The forum is meant for stakeholders in the field of arts and culture, experts in technology and accessibility, users of culture and everyone interested.


Please register here to the Accessibility in Movie Theatre workshop by Friday 21th October and to the introductory visits by Wednesday 26th October. Participating in the preliminary workshops and the introductory visits are free of charge.

The Forum of Equality in Culture: Accessibility 3.0 is organized by the Culture for All Service in collaboration with Evantia, Aalto University (Media Factory), Helsingin Seniorisäätiö, Heureka - The Finnish Science Centre, Näkövammaisten kulttuuripalvelu (Cultural Service for the Visually Impaired), SAMS (Samarbetsförbundet kring funktionshinder rf), Tanssin talo ry (The Dance House Helsinki), The Finnish Film Foundation and several other organizations. The forum is partly financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation and William Thurings stiftelse.



Further information: 
Outi Salonlahti 
Email: outi.salonlahti@cultureforall.fi
tel. + 358 40 963 9908
Culture for All Service / Yhdenvertaisen kulttuurin puolesta ry

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