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Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen wins the Nurmijärvi Culture Prize

Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen, textile and conceptual artist living in Klaukkala, was awarded the Nurmijärvi Culture Prize Konstiniekka. The prize is granted by the local education and culture committee and it was given her at Aleksis Kivi Day celebration on 10 October. 

In her art and lectures,  Wallinheimo-Heimonen raises the questions of human rights and structures of power that disabled people constantly face in their daily lives. At the moment, Wallinheimo-Heimonen works as an artist and as an activist both in Finland and internationally. This year her short movie Illusionist’s Visions was screened in World Film Festival held in San Francisco, USA.

More information:
Mia Fagerström
Municipality of Nurmijärvi
tel. +358 40 317 2506

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