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Hyvät näkymät - Good Views. Kettuki’s Network Seminar, Hämeenlinna 28th of October

At Partnership House, Hämeenlinna


9.30 Registration and breakfast
10.00 Welcome!
Päivi Lilja, Kettuki’s executive director
10.15 Getting familiar with Bifrost Kunstskole
Per Kjærsgaard Jensen, artist, teacher at Bifrost Art School (Denmark)
Lisbeth Thingholm, artist, teacher at Bifrost Art School (Denmark)
Pondering the ethical questions
10.40 Release: Guide book to ethical questions
Minna Haveri, researcher, PhD in art, vice-chairperson of Kettuki association
10.50 Challenges in the artistic activity of people with learning disabilities – conversing in groups
11.10 Guidelines - participating panel
Jutta Keski-Korhonen, chief of advocacy, Inclusion Finland KVTL
Minna Haveri, researcher, PhD in Art, vice-chairperson of Kettuki association
Artist from the Vallila unit of Autism Foundation of Finland
Hearing about the art activity in Autism Foundation of Finland
Synnöve Jokelainen, Autism Foundation of Finland, Vallila unit’s guidance and coaching services, Art and crafts corresponder
12.30 – 13.30 Lunch in good company Restaurant Huviretki, Raatihuoneenkatu 18
Moving to ARX-house, Keinusaarentie 1
14.00 Working for the greater good -workshop
16.00 Coffee break
16.30 Awarding Kettuki Art Act of the Year
17.00 Exhibition opening: Gallery tour: Rasmussen & Ruohonen

Seminar Fee

70 €, members of Kettuki Association 60 €, Students, unemployed and pensioners 30 € incl. bilingual programme, breakfast, lunch and coffee


Final registration time 25th of October 2016. Registration

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