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Apply for the Saari Residence in August

The Saari Residence is maintained by Kone Foundation and hosts both artist and researchers.

Application period

Application period for residencies begins on 1 August and ends on 31 August 16.00 Finnish time (Eastern European Summer Time, GMT + 3).

Saari Residence

The Saari Residenceis a tranquil facility and a fruitful meeting point for artists and researchers. The Saari Residence offers Finnish and non-Finnish artists, critics and translators the chance to work intensively for a period of two months in a relaxed countryside setting from September to April. Artistic groups may also apply for use of the residence’s facilities for limited periods of time from May to August.

Each resident is provided with an apartment and workroom. Kone Foundation provides monthly grants (2,350 or 2,700 euros/month) for the duration of the residency period. Groups can apply for grants to compensate for expenses.

Accessibility of Saari Residence

The Saari Residence strives to take accessibility into consideration in its operations. One of the apartments has been renovated to be entirely handicap accessible. It includes a kitchen, handicap accessible toilet and three rooms. The spacious apartment is on the first floor and can be accessed with a ramp. The workspaces in the manor barn are also accessible (there is a ramp to the dance studio, for example, and the shower room and toilet are also accessible by wheelchair). Further information about accessibility on Kone Foundation website

Read more on instructions for residency applicants on Kone Foundation website

Kone Foundation

The goal of Kone Foundation is to advance bold initiatives in research and the arts. It is an independent and unaffiliated organisation, which awards grants to promote academic research, culture, art and the popularisation of research, maintains the Saari Residence for artists and researchers and organises various events.

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