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The Sami National Day

The Sami National Day on February 6 is celebrated by different events.

Sámi poems on the blog of the Month of Hundred Languages (Satakielikuukausi)

The Month of Hundred Languages celebrates the diversity of languages. To honor the Sámi National Day, Sámi poems were published in the blog today. The poems are in Sámi languages and translations in Finnish.

Sámi Poems in the blog of Satakielikuukausi

Sápmi at the Library of Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki. Opening 3 February

Anonymous Sámi artist group, Suohpanterror and Skábmagovat – Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival will be presented in the library of Pitäjänmäki during February 2016. The opening is 3 February at 18.00.

Sápmi at the Library of Pitäjänmäki in Finnish on Facebook

Skolt Sámi photography exhibition Tuõddri Pee'rel in Helsinki, opening 5.2.

Exhibition open until 26.2.2016 ar Nordic Culture Point, Kaisaniemenkatu 9, Helsinki, Finland
Opening on Friday 5.2.2016 at 17
Free entrance

Tuõddri Peeʹrel (”The pearls of fells) presents the Skolt Sámi culture, handicraft and traditions. The Skolt Sámi are a small minority of Sámi people and it is estimated that only 700 Skolt Sámis live in Finland. The language and culture of Skolt Sámi are very endangered.

Photos by Tanja Sanila, Tarja Sanila, Satu Moshnikoff, Mervi Karjalainen, Ville-Riiko Fofonoff and Maria Porsanger. The exhibition is produced in cooperation with The Skolt Sámi Cultural Foundation.

Skolt Sámi exhibition on the website of Nordic Culture Point (in Finnish and Swedish)

The childrens club of Sámi National Day in Helsinki on 6 February

Sápmi Álbmotklubba loaiddasta / presents:
The Children’s Party of Ima, Miro and Niillas

at Culture Centre Caisa, Helsinki
Saturday 6 February 2016 at 13–15

Ima Aikio, Miro Mantere and Niillas Holmberg invite all the children to celebrate the Sámi National Day. Come and experience Sámi culture, hear Sámi languages, participate to songs and music.

The party is arranged by City-Sámit ry
The childrens club of Sámi National Day on Facebook in Finnish

Sámi álbmotbeavvi ávvuklubba – Show & Dinner of Sámi National Day Celebration Club, Helsinki 6 February

Show & Dinner of Sámi National Day Celebration Club in Helsinki, at Theatre Forum, on Saturday 6 February 2016.

Three dishes of traditional Sámi dinner at 18.00.
Show includes new Sámi music from Finland and Norway: Arvvas, Irdon and Ylva.

Tickets (Lippupalvelu.fi)
More information about Show and Dinner in Sámi and Finnish on Facebook
The event is arranged by City-Sámit ry.

The Sámi National Day in Siida, Inari, 6 February

The Sámi National Day will be celebrated in Siida with a free entrance. Also there will be the music played by the Sámi Educational Institute's music students and extra shows on brand new Northern Lights -show. There is free entrance to Siida's exhibitions for all.

The programme

10 a.m. Flying the Sámi flag in front of Siida building
11 a.m. the Sámi Educational Institute's Sámi music student's concert at Siida's auditorium. Free entrance!
12 at noon. The brand new Northern Lights multivision premiere at Siida's auditorium. Free entrance!
Northern Lights multivision shows Siida's auditorium at 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.

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