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Helsinki Book Fair includes program about diversity 24.-25.10.

Discussions about multilingualism, multiculturalism and sexuality.

24.10.2014 klo 11:00 "With love - Words about sexuality and gender"
Place: Aino
How does it feel to live in a minority in the world full of hetero culture? Do gay people have right to be seen? And not to be seen? Does a homosexual remember that he is homosexual, if others don´t remind about it every day? Discussion with Johanna Korhonen, Jeanette Östman, Jani Toivola and Susanna Airola.
Language: Finnish
Orqanizer: Into kustannus / Jasilti

24.10.2014 at 13:00 "Rasism and multiculturalism before and now"

Place: Takauma
How different nations and cultures have encountered in different times? Discussion with Pasi Saukkonen and Kaisa Ahvenjärvi.
Language: Finnish
Organizer: Tieteen kieli

24.10.2014 at 14:30 "To rewrite/retell a novel"

Place: Tottiscenen
Peter Sandström and Jolin Slotte, who have written the first easy-to-read versions of Finnish-Swedish novels, discuss about their work with Kjell Westö´s book Där vi en gång gått and Birgitta Boucht´s book Tusenblad.
Language: Swedish
Organizer: LL-Center/Lärum-förlaget

24.10. at 17:30 "Through the eyes of an alien"

Place: Katri Vala
Umayya Abu-Hanna is interviewed by Aleksi Siltala. Abu-Hanna´s book Alienin silmin ("Through the eyes of an alien") is a personal story about the Capital area and it´s changes in 1980-2010 seen through the eyes of a Helsinki-based woman with foreign background.
Language: Finnish
Organizer: Siltala

25.10.2014 klo 10:30 "Children´s literature in multicultural Finland"

Place: Takauma
How the themes of multiculturalism are seen in Finnish children´s literature? Discussion with Alexandra Salmela and Kari Levola.
Language: Finnish
Organizer: Suomen Kirjailijaliitto

25.10. at 16.00 "Multilingualism and being a writer"

Place: Wine Corner
Olga Martynova (German-Russian author) and Zinaida Lindén (Finnish-Swedish-Russian author) discuss about the multilingualism of literature and about what it is like to write and publish fiction in other languages than in your own mother tongue.
Language: Finnish
Organizers: Goethe-Institut Finnland, Culture for All Service and "The multilingualism of literature in Finland today" project (Kone Foundation)

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