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Cultural heritage belongs to us all - summary of a survey and discussions

The National Board of Antiquities and The Finnish Local Heritage Federation are preparing the ratification of Faro contract, an international cultural heritage contract.

There was a survey open for everyone, which gathered information about the meaning of cultural heritage. A summary of the results of the survey has been published.

In addition, the Faro team organizes two discussions open for everyone. The discussions are in Finnish.
"Cultural heritage in eceryday life of individuals and communities", Jyväskylä 9.10.2014, one of the panelists is Ahmed Al-Nawas from Culture for All
"Cultural heritage and sustainable development", Oulu 20.10.2014

More information:

The Finnish Local Heritage Federation, Pauliina Latvala, +358 50 347 7899, pauliina.latvala(a)kotiseutuliitto.fi

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