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InterKultFest 11.-14.9.2014 in Helsinki

InterKultFest is a performing arts festival, which brings to Helsinki during 11.-14.9.2014 interesting and young professional groups, which represent different genres. The program includes performances expressing interculturality and targets the young people.

The festival performances take place at the cultural centers Stoa and Vuotalo and festival will spread to the area and schools of Itäkeskus and Vuosaari. On Sunday, the event InterKultYouth overtakes Stoa and during the whole afternoon the focus will be on the metropolitan area young people´s own theater, dance and media art.



Intercultural youth work - experiences and challenges
On Friday September 9th at 12-16, TING hall, Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki
More information and registration: festival(at)kassandra.fi

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