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Taide Kaikki Alla Festival 14.6.-15.6.

Let´s spread out the imagination in cities and villages! Taide Kaikki Alla ("Art everywhere") is everyone´s festival on 14.6.-15.6. Welcome to make art together or to present something on your own.

Here are some tips on how you can participate:

1) Have fun with other people or do by yourself

/// Read your favorite stories or fairy tales in the / dance with your friends / film a one-minute document / do a flash mob / teach your neighbours to paint/ read your poems / arrange a workshop ///

2) Spread the word

Spread out the information about this event, especially for people, who could arrange art workshops or do community art.

3) Become a "godparent"

Godparents have their photo on our website and they invite people to participate to the event. Anyone can become a godparent of the event.

Taide Kaikki Alla Festival is arranged by many people and organizations (for eample Yhteismaa ry).

When you have an idea on what you would like to do during the festival, please share it on our Facebook page so we can develop the ideas together: www.facebook.fi/taidekaikkialla
You can share your own ideas also in the Facebook-group "Taide Kaikki Alla -tekijät"

More information

Talvikki Eerola
+358 407525915

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