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Kultturellia! - A little different culture festival in Tampere 6.-7.6.2014

Kultturellia! -festival in early June 2014 in Tampere continues the traditions of Kehitysvammaisten kulttuuripäivät (annual culture festival for people with learning disabilities since 1984), but at the same time it will renew them in many ways.

All guests are warmly welcome to culture festival that is versatile, diverse, accessible and open for everyone.

The visitors will have an unique opportunity to explore the most interesting artists, performances and phenomena all in same festival.

In Tampere you can see Hammond -player Kalle Salonen, the artists of Kaarisilta, or Pertti Kurikka who this time will appear on stage as astonishing character of Kalevi Helvetti.

The festival will open on Friday 6.6. with afternoon -long seminar on culture. In Friday evening's 6.6. Stay up late -concert in

Tullikamari the performers are Kalle Salonen Band, Sini Sabotage, Kuningasidea and Vimmart All Stars. The concert proceeds will be given to charity. On Saturday in Tullikamari the whole day will be full of music, teathre, dancing, visual art etc. There´s also more than 20 different workshops, where participants can explore various art forms and get familiar to new techniques and hobbies.

The festival´s website and program, as well as the entry forms can be found at www.kultturellia.fi. Festival is organized by The Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability (KVPS) and KVPS Tukena Oy.

Festival leaflet (pdf), http://www.kvps.fi/images/tiedostot/Tapahtumat/Kultturellia-ohjelma-06-07-2014.pdf

More information:

Esa Vienamo (project worker)

020 771 3544, esa.vienamo@kvps.fi


KVPS / Kultturellia, Pinninkatu 51, 33100 Tampere

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