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Norm critical reading circle in Helsinki

What is norm criticality? How can one read pictures and texts from the norm critical -point of view? Join with us to the norm critical reading circle and find out!

The idea of the norm critical reading circle is to discuss about the texts/pictures that from some point of view cover norm criticality.

What would you like to discuss about? Suggest themes and/or reading materials! Materials can be, for example, comics(trips), podcasts, blogtexts, picture(s), videos or interactive exercise.

The first meeting of the norm critical reading circle takes place 29th of January 2014, at 5.30p.m.- 7.30 p.m. at the Library of Kallio in the ‘Monitoimihuone´-room.
Theme: What is norm criticality? The material used as a base for the discussion in Finnish is "Älä oleta. Normikriittinen käsikirja yhdenvertaisuudesta, syrjinnän vastustamisesta ja vapaudesta olla oma itsensä"; chapters 3 and 5.

You can also read materials (either one, one is enough) in English or Swedish, and join the discussion:
rfslungdom.se (Swedish, pages 6 - 22) and/or
rfslungdom.se/sites (English, pages 4 - 12).

Älä oleta -guide has been inspired by these materials developed by RFSL Ungdom.
(The material (in Finnish) can be found as a .pdf from normit.fi)

We can choose languages used in discussions depending on who is present. Main languages of the persons hosting the event are Finnish and English.

The reading circle takes place in the spring of 2014 as follows:
- 29.1. The Library of Kallio, in Monitoimihuone at 5.30 p.m. - 7.30 p.m. (Viides linja 11, 00530 Helsinki)
- 19.2. place: tba
- 12.3. place :tba
- 2.4. place: tba
- 23.4. place: tba
- 14.5. place: tba

Inkeri Tanhua and Jenna Kainulainen are the persons hosting the reading circle.
Facebook event for the first meeting
More information: helmet.fi

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