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Camp! Restaurant Rainbow's dreams at Theatre Museum 16.10.2009-31.1.2010

Camp! Restaurant Rainbow's dreams

Theatre Museum 16.10.2009-31.1.2010

"Camp is in the eye of the beholder"

This is an invitation to watch differently. The camp- and kitsch-spirited Restaurant Rainbow at Theatre Museum is presenting photos and other material from performances that have been excluded from nation's theatre history and are not representing deprecating heteronormative view. Camp is all the things that by its name (se camper=exaggerated posing, campeggiare=stick out) sticks out, exaggerates and represents knowingly bad taste. Playful performances object to hard-edged truths and teaching. Camp was originally a subculture of the homosexuals that challenged the heteroculture. It included subversive potential. Camp is connected to gender parodies and drag queen as well as drag king cultures.

Theatre Museum has burrowed into its own archives and lent material from private archives. Exhibition presents passed performances and roles that invite to approach them with alternative eye glasses. Exhibition tries to pull down the heteronormativity of Finnish theatre history. Theatre Museum wants to call into question who's voice is heard and who's picture is seen in the history.

Welcome to Restaurant Rainbow´s diverse atmosphere!

Theatre Museum

Exhibitions are open Tue-Sun 11-18
Tickets 3/6 eur
Tallberginkatu 1 G,
Kaapelitehdas, 00180 Helsinki
Tel. 0207 961 670

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