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Art and Activity Center Kaarisilta

Kaarisilta r.y. is a private association, providing specialized social and educational services. Close to the city of Lahti, it maintains an art and activity center for physically and/or mentally disabled young people.

The ideological principles of Kaarisilta are based on ethic and esthetic values, respect of life and each person´s individuality. Our core activities are visual arts, crafts, music, drama, sports and all-round education. Teaching is mainly organized in groups, always taking into account the preferences and eventual limitations of each individual involved in the activities.

At Kaarisilta, our students have the opportunity to enjoy many different sports. Games and exercise take place in our gym and outdoors. The facilities also include a swimming hall and riding stables. Daily exercising and taking part in versatile chores, such as gardening and domestic work, helps to maintain and improve the fitness and health of our students.

In 2003, vocational cultural education was included to the Kaarisilta activities. Our three year study program has two line options, music and visual arts. Every other year we also take in new students for one year prestudies to learn necessary skills to enter the vocational education program. Lahti Region Educational Consortium is our administrative cooperation partner in vocational training.

Kaarisilta Association organizes seminars and cultural events: concerts, art exhibitions and drama. Concert and theatrical performances abroad have brought our choir and acting group international visibility. Our cultural ambassadors have performed on tours in Italy and Japan, and their next trip will be to France in October 2006. Art exhibitions take place regularly, in Finland and abroad.

Please visit Finnish pages for pictures, eg. art gallery, current events

Kaarisilta r.y.
Villähteentie 458
15540 VILLÄHDE, Finland
tel. +358-3-876 610
fax +358-3-876 6150


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